Friday, November 11, 2011

The Real Outrage of Penn State

What would you do if you walked into a shower area of a team locker room and saw a coach having sex with a 10 year old boy?  If your answer does not include either, try to stop it, call the police or both, then this rant is not for you.

That horrifying scenario is exactly what happened at Penn State when Mike McQueary, grad student at the time, saw Jerry Sandusky, defensive coordinator, having sex with what appeared to be a 10 year old boy.  The only difference is, he didn't try to stop it, or report it to police.  He merely told Tim Curley, the athletic director who then told Joe Paterno.

And then they went to the police? 

Nope.  He just barred Sandusky from bringing children onto campus and that he advised school president of the matter.

And then they wnet to the police?


So now years later when this whole thing has blown wide open, Joe Paterno has been booted, Sandusky finally charged and the whole cast of characters has been sidelined until the mess is sorted out in the courts.

Meanwhile, the students at Penn State are outraged.  Not by the allegations of child abuse, cover up or just plain lackadaisical response, but because their coach won't be at the big game.  Say what?

I guess child abuse just doesn't stack up to the great god-football.  Sad state of affairs indeed.

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boy-jim said...

I have worked with underprivileged youth as an artist on a number of occasions. Being Gay, I have always been very aware of what could be construed as inappropriate. Another artist who worked with me, who is heterosexual, would ask the young ladies inappropriate and very personal questions. I brought this to the attention of my supervisor who basically blew it off. The situation continued until I had to dress him down in public about his behavior and made it known that I would no longer work with him.

The only question I would need to ask if I walked in on a child being molested, is should I call an ambulance or the coroner.