Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day

Contrary to what a lot of folks think, I am not a veteran. I grew up in the Vietnam Era, but my draft number was too high, and I was an asthmatic out-of-shape kid in college at the time.  I did protest the war, and went to rallies against it.  I did speak out against what I considered and still consider American intervention in the politics of another country with no strategic or compelling reason to be there.

What I never did was disrespect the young men and women who were put in harms way by our government at the time.  I have a profound respect for our military and since several of my family members have served in the armed forces I understand how much courage and dedication it takes for both the soldiers and the families at home.

So on this Veteran's Day, I want to thank all the men and women who have fought or wars, defended our country and given so much when asked by our country.  Especially now, with an all volunteer Armed Forces, the dedication and patriotism of these people amazes me. I sincerely wish them all the best and hope you will remember them today and everyday. 

Just to help make this day more special , go up to the next man or woman in the military you see and thank them for their service to our country.  It will make them feel appreciated and will make you a little more humble in the presence of such sacrifice.

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