Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Margaret Whiting - Jazz Singer and Wife of Jack Wrangler Dies

Margaret Whitings voice was crystal clear. Her duet with Johnny Mercer, "Baby it's Cold Outside" stayed on the Billboard charts for 19 weeks in 1949.  Later in life she appeared on TV on variety and music shows with stars from Red Skelton to Nat King Cole.  She continued her career in the 1960s in cabaret and night clubs as well as in touring productions of Broadway shows.

Whiting is best known to baby boomers as the woman who married gay porn star Jack Wrangler.  22 years younger than her they made an unlikely pair, but their marriage lasted 15 years until Wrangler died of emphysema in 2009. She wrote about their relationship in an autobiography, “It Might as Well Be Spring”.

Ms. Whiting died in Englewood, N.J. She was 86.


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