Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stuck in DFW and Hating Delta Airlines Already

Gosh sometimes I outsmart myself...well often I outsmart myself.  I am on my way to Florida for Beyond Leather and I had reservations on American Airlines.  Well, and here is where the outsmart part comes in, I heard from a friend who is a flight attendant on American that a strike was imminent, as in any day now.

So I swallowed the cancellation fee and re-booked on Delta, even though they don't have direct flights.  What the heck? A connection in Memphis should be easy!  WRONG!

The airlines neglected to tell me that the original flight was being delayed by an hour, which means no connection in Memphis.  So I am here at the airport, bags checked and arrive at the gate to see the changed time.  Now I call Delta and speak with someone in India.  He tells me in broken English I can get a connecting flight at 3:40 out of Memphis....through Atlanta, getting me into Ft. Lauderdale at 9:00pm instead of 3:00pm.

We shall see if my bags make it.  If not I will be doing three workshops without any materials or gear and all my leather in in the baggage.  I am praying they don't lose it!

God I hate flying!


persephone earth said...

Bummer. Sorry to hear that and i hope everything works out in the end!

Gray Miller said...

Hardy, I enjoyed your class at BL3 (glad you made it - we were actually supposed to be on the same flight!).

However, I confess to disagreeing almost completely with what you said in your Keynote - and I have done so publicly on my latest Ropecast (respectfully rebutting, you might say). I wanted to let you know about it, and also to apologize in advance if I misquoted you at all. I haven't found a copy of your speech anywhere online, but I would like to, so that my listeners can read it and let me know if they think I'm full of it.

As always, I remain your respectful admirer and friend, Gray Miller (aka "Graydancer")