Monday, April 19, 2010

Duke College Republicans "Out" Their Own Chairman

This one falls under the "duh" file in my book.  Justin Robinette a Junior at Duke University was booted from his position as head of the Duke’s College Republicans because he is gay.  That action also served to out him as well and he is upset. 

In an interview in the Daily Tar Heel he said, “Comments were made directly to me and my executive board before and after the meeting concerning my sexual orientation, calling me a supporter of the faggot center, calling me ironic, calling me disgusting...."

Well I wouldn't call it ironic, I'd call it expected from a political party who openly states it is against LGBT rights.  What was Robinette thinking?

Like the Log Cabin Republicans, this guy is suffering from the delusion that the GOP can be changed.  It cannot and if anything it is becoming more and more hard line.  Though I feel sorry for this guy who had his position taken away from him, perhaps it will be a wake up call to him and a chance to reexamine his political allegiances.

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