Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Clockwork Orange" Killers On Trial For Murder of Gay Man

It sounds like something of a cross between the ultra-violent movie "A Clockwork Orange" and "Heathers".  Ian Baynham, a gay man was in Trafalgar Square when he was attacked by a drunken boy and two blond haired teenage girls.  The three began by shouting epithets at him, according to his partner Phillip Brown who witnessed the scene. 

One of the girls began shouting "fucking faggot" and Mr. Baynham slapped her.  At that point all hell broke loose.  The 19 year old boy punched Baynham who fell to the ground hitting his head. Then the two 18 year old girls, Ruby Thomas and Rachel Burke, began kicking him in the face and head and stomping on his stomach.

Baynham who was already in a seizure from the head injury when they began kicking him, never regained consciousness.  The brutality of the attack caught spectators by surprise.  His partner tried to intervene and was assaulted by the girls as well.

This bloody murder should not fade from the media, dismissed as another example of drunken kids.  It is a hate crime pure and simple, and I would expect the UK to prosecute it to the fullest extent.  

The fact that these three teenagers felt secure enough to not only shout insults but murder a man in cold blood shows how dangerous the atmosphere is for LGBT people in the UK.  Sadly things are not much better here.

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