Friday, April 09, 2010

Cheerleaders Play "Watersports" Prank - Pee Flavored Drinks

Even the kinkiest among us knows you don't do this without consent.  A group of cheerleaders in Saginaw, Texas decided it would be funny to flavor their teammates drinks with pee.  So they aquired and/or produced the urine and added it to their fellow cheerleader's soft drinks.  When the victims of the prank said the drinks tasted funny, the perpetrators said it was from candy they put in the drinks.

Later they confessed it was piss, and things got ugly from that point on.

As a health and safety disclaimer, though urine from a healthy person is relatively safe, diseases can be carried in it. So far HIV has not been shown to be transmitted through urine, but hepatitis can be.  It's the kind of risk you don't want to spring on someone as a joke.

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