Monday, December 14, 2009

Write Harry Reid NOW! Tell Him to Keep Medicare Expansion in Health Care Bill

Harry Reid is starting to buckle to Joe Lieberman and he has to be convinced to stop. Politico reports that the White House is urging a deal with Lieberman which might involve dropping the extension of Medicare to 55+ which is one of the biggest parts of the bill.

Write, call, fax email Harry Reid and tell him to grow a pair and stop cratering to Joe Lieberman. Lieberman will only have another thing he wants after the Sentae drops the Medicare expansion. He is a deal breaker and thinks only of himself, so guess what? It's time the democrats get over Joe and start getting the right bill passed. F*%K Joe Lieberman, and pass this already hobbled reform bill. If the Senate doesn't stop cutting it there will be no reform except in the name of the bill.

Now get out there and start calling!

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