Wednesday, October 08, 2008

McCain's "That One" Really A "Senior Moment "

Watching McCain and Obama last night I was immediately halted by McCain's "that one" remark. At first I thought it was a racist tinged slur intended to dehumanize Obama. After considering it for a while I think it may have been something more telling.

McCain was cranked up as he answered. He was trying his best to look fiery and feisty and when he came to the punch line, where he pointed at Obama and should have said, "You know who voted for it? Senator Obama." He could not remember Barack's name.

McCain had a big time senior moment right on national TV and most people thought it was a racial slur. McCain looked erratic and crotchety. He jerked and weaved across the stage having moments where he looked like the old John McCain who once was called a "maverick" and at other times he just looked like an angry old codger. Meanwhile Senator Obama looked poised and cool. He was comfortable and answered clearly and calmly and that looked presidential.

The choice seemed pretty clear. Do you want an erratic forgetful crumudgeon as president?

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