Thursday, August 21, 2008

FDA Rules Penis Rings Can Be Seized At US Borders

Well sometimes a story make you able to sleep better at night. Such is the tale of the FDA inspectors allowing border agents to seize "penis rings".

The devices are sometimes sold as impotence cures, though there is little evidence they work for that purpose. Most are sold as sexual novelties and adult toys. The use of them, or at least some of them enhance the sexual experience for some men. If they are too tight they can cut off blood flow to the penis and if you are a blithering idiot, I suppose gangrene could set in.

So our government, in it's diligence has decided to seize these devices without inspection. (whatever that means)

This news should make domestic manufacturers of the sex toys delighted. One less cheap Chinese import to worry about. Meanwhile tainted toys, and poisoned food additives continue to flow unrestricted into our country until someone gets sick from the products. Way to go FDA!

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