Monday, August 18, 2008

China Still Exporting Lead Tainted Children's Items!

Even though the world is fixated on the Olympics, China continues to export tainted products for kids here in the USA. Here are a couple of the latest examples.

Faded Glory brand Lip Gloss - This set including lip gloss and a charm necklace is poisoned with unacceptably high levels of lead. Sold by , (who else) Wal-Mart 30,000 units were recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Here are the product and model numbers.

ItemModel NumberUPC
Frog Set6709-425072783357703
Monkey Set6709-425172783357704
Cat Set6709-425272783357705

Additional products will undoubtedly show up. China has made a big effort to look good for the Olympics. Unfortunately it's all a facade. The country's greedy capitalists continue to use the cheapest materials and dodge regulations to export products that are hazardous to children's health. With Chinese goods, the key is all about looks, the quality is secondary and safety is not even a concern at all.

Well at least they have really talented 16 year old gymnasts that look maybe 12 at best. Must be something in the air.

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