Saturday, April 19, 2008

Obama Draws Record Crowd In Philadelphia

Facing the largest crowd in his campaign, Barack Obama stood before 35,000 people who crowded into Independence Park in Philadelphia. He spoke of the events that brought our country into existence over 200 years ago in the same place, then he turned to the presidential race.

He spoke of his opponent, Hillary Clinton and her tenacious challenge for the Democratic nomination. In doing so he painted her as part of the politics of the 1990’s. Then he said it was time to move beyond that kind of politics.

"Her message comes down to this: We can't really change the say-anything, do-anything, special interest-driven game in Washington, so we might as well choose a candidate who really knows how to play it," Obama said.

Well said and the exact reason I support Obama over Clinton.

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Anonymous said...

He had HUGE crowds in NH and lost.
He had HUGE crowds in CA and lost.
He had HUGE crowds in TX and lost. the people going to the events not vote?