Friday, April 18, 2008

The Debate About The Debate - Enough Already!

I have waited to weigh in on the ABC TV debate between Hillary and Barack until today. I was disgusted by this debate in general and by the moderators in particular. They made little attempt to remain objective. For proof look at Charlie Gibson “lecture” question about capital gains taxes and supply side economics. And George Stephanopoulos is hardly an impartial moderator. He served in the Clinton White House! Even the audience jeered the moderators a few times as they should have!

Both candidates were questioned endlessly on matters of their campaigning style and not on issues. Why? Because there is little need for any more debates. We know the candidates stand on issues and the press is trying to “sell newspapers” by creating controversies that are non-existent. The whole kerfuffle surrounding “bittergate” is as ludicrous as digging back into Hillary’s past and showing how her previous positions have now changed just in time for the Pennsylvania primary.

I think Obama sums up the whole thing nicely in this clip.

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