Friday, April 18, 2008

Bush Appoints Another Cronie - Loyal, But Clueless

OK, so why is this news? Bush has appointed another loyalist, Steven Preston as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. No surprise, it’s what he has always done and he always will. Bush in incapable of finding anything good in a person if they are not loyal to him first. That flaw in his character is exactly why our country is in such a mess.

It’s why “Brownie” screwed up in New Orleans after Katrina, it’s why the war in Iraq is a debacle and it is why his administration will go down as the worst on record.

Want proof of Bush incompetence in selecting major cabinet level appointees? Well Preston is a classic case. He replaces Alphonso Jackson the previous Secretary who left in disgrace for fixing contracts and other malfeasance. Preston has absolutely no experience in public housing and was an executive at Servicemaster prior to his appointment. His company is also legendary as a bully when it comes to small businesses. Look it up!

November cannot come soon enough!

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