Thursday, March 06, 2008

Obama Gains Delegates In Texas Caucus Ruckus

Looking at the delegate count in Texas this morning I discovered a strange thing. It looks like Obama won the caucus delegates and edged Clinton by about 5 delegates overall. In a race result that was a slim victory for Clinton in the primary, the caucus attendance seems to have favored Obama.

Here is a news release from the Obama campaign in Texas’ State Campaign Director Adrian Saenz.

"By fighting the primary to a near-draw and earning a resounding victory in the caucus, the people of Texas have moved Barack Obama one step closer to claiming the Democratic nomination for president," said Adrian Saenz. "Texans in both parties and of all ages sent a clear message that the American people are ready for the kind of change that Barack Obama will bring to Washington, DC as our 44th President."

Because of the close finish, Senator Clinton will likely net only two delegates up-for-grabs in the Texas Primary. Based on a large sample of caucus results in all 31 state senate districts, Senator Obama is projected to post a substantial victory in the Texas caucus and, thereby, net at least seven delegates. This means that Senator Obama will win at least five more pledged delegates from Texas than Senator Clinton.

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