Friday, March 07, 2008

McCain Sounds More Like Bush Every Day

Much as he tries, John McCain still looks like he would be the third term of the Bush presidency. His buddy act yesterday with the president was a show to assure the party faithful that he plans to continue business as usual in the Bush White House. Want proof?

How about this? When the Senate brought a bill to the floor that would ban the use of torture such as waterboarding, McCain, a frequent vocal opponent to torture, voted against the bill! Sounds like Bush now doesn’t he? He speaks out in favor of one issue but when the rubber hits the road, he makes a U-turn.

The scenario reminds me of Bush’s ridiculous statement that the US leads the world in fighting global warming. This is the same president that refused to sign the Kyoto protocols which would limit greenhouse gasses and fight global warming!

Now as the Democrats slug it out for the next few months, McCain can count on the short term memory of the American public to forget any of his statements that went against the Bush White House. Then he can campaign in the fall on a platform of "4 more years".

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