Monday, March 03, 2008

Fear And Ricin In Las Vegas

So he was not a terrorist they say, but still no one has been able to talk to the man who had enough vials of Ricin, a deadly toxin, in his hotel room to kill hundreds of people. Police and FBI are now searching a home where Roger Von Bergendorff stayed in Utah and that of his cousin Thomas Tholen. They are also searching storage units in Salt Lake City alleged to have belonged to Von Bergendorff.

Now remember he was not a terrorist. He just had guns, an anarchist textbook that told how to make ricin from castor beans and several vials of illegal poison. Nope doesn’t sound like a terrorist to me.

The city that never sleeps, Las Vegas is undoubtedly behind the tight lips of the FBI and local authorities. A scare, even a minor one would hurt tourism there and the roulette wheels must spin! I think it would probably take a direct and very visible attack before Las Vegas would ever admit anything was amiss. Let’s hope that never happens, but until then it would be nice for the authorities to come clean with what they know. Who knows, a little more information might lead to someone who knew the suspect coming forward and spilling the beans…castor beans that is.

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