Friday, February 01, 2008

MoveOn Endorses Obama

Looks like has seen the light. They held an online poll for a presidential nominee and Barack Obama won with a 70.4% lead. The sign is clear, motivated voters will carry Obama to the White House. Comments on the website from members and people being polled are overwhelming.

The following is from a young woman in New Jersey.

"I've never felt so strongly about any one candidate in my entire life. He's truly an inspiration to all of us—especially the younger generation. I will stand by him 100% for as long as he's willing to stand up and fight for this country!"

That is a ringing endorsement and because of thousands more like that, has endorsed Obama for the Democratic nominee.

Here’s my take on it. Hillary Clinton is a good woman and probably would make a capable President, however she is a polarizing figure and cannot bring the kind of enthusiasm Obama can to an election. Look at the totals in the recent primaries. Record number of voters and most of the new ones voting for Obama. In a national election those numbers are power and they can effectively fight the right-wing evangelical vote in the South and the conservatives across the country. Obama will infuse new energy into the Democratic Party and he is the right choice.

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