Friday, February 01, 2008

Mentally Disabled Women Used As Human Bombs In Iraq

If the idea of human bombs isn’t enough, how about this twist? Guerilla factions in Iraq are strapping explosives to mentally disabled women and detonating them via cell phone. To make matters worse, they are doing it on the Muslim Holy Day. If that was not enough, the attacks took place in a giant outdoor pet market in Baghdad.

Explosives wrapped with steel ball bearings were strapped to the women’s bodies and they were sent into the markets. Iraqi’s government spokespeople detailed the story and said the women probably didn’t know they were human bombs. True to form, the US government calls the attacks suicide bombings and blames Al Qaida.

Additionally the Iraq death toll is higher than that given by the US authorities.
So we have a heartless inhuman crime being made worse by twisting the facts. Who is telling the truth? My guess is this time it’s the Iraqis.

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