Tuesday, January 29, 2008

McCain Abandons His Post as Senator of Arizona - Skips State of the Union

I have to find it interesting that one of the few high points of the State of the Union fiasco last night was who attended. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were both in attendance, taking time from their campaign trail to do their duty and attend the speech representing their constituents as Senators. Meanwhile, John McCain, Senator from Arizona was AWOL. He was campaigning in Florida, apparently attempting to distance himself from Bush and the stinking odor his name leaves on every Republican candidate.

Interesting that McCain shirked his duty as a Senator and both Democratic front runners attended. That says something about principals and duty. McCain skipping out shows his real agenda. He has no problem brushing off his constituents and going after the voters in Florida to forward his own agenda of getting elected President. That shows a raw lust for power and that’s a dangerous thing in a President. We already have that problem in the White House and the last thing we need is a replay of the last 4 years.

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