Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Maryland Lawmakers Debate Ending Civil Marriage

Finally someone has really found the question in the Gay Marriage Debate. The real question is not whether GLBT people should be allowed to marry; the question should be is there a valid reason for the government to sanction marriage of any kind?

The Maryland General Assembly has seen the issue this way and has a bill pending that would eliminate all civil marriage and replace it with recognized domestic partnerships. The term marriage would be left to the religious sector where it belongs and the RDPs would be the construct for all legal purposes. Consider it a separation of church and state issue. Marriage is a religious institution and Domestic Partnerships can function for tax and other legal purposes.

This kind of law makes debates about “gay marriage” toothless. After all, the state gives equal rights to all its citizens and it’s up to churches to perform marriage ceremonies. This move will no doubt enrage many folks on the right, but to me it makes complete sense. It keeps the government out of the religious institution of marriage completely. Couples can be joined in a civil union and still receive all the rights of a married couple without the need for a religious ceremony.

For a gay or lesbian couple to get “married” they would first get a civil ceremony and then find a friendly church. This gets the government out of the marriage business and that seems a good idea to me.

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Diana Rowe Pauls said...

Can someone PLEASE explain to me why this concept is so hard for people to understand???? Go to your church for religious instruction and let the government provide "justice for all".

You are one of the very few others who have put into words what I feel...

THANK YOU! And God bless you!