Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bush Administration Continues To Lie About Health Care

If his lips are moving he must be lying. That’s my take on almost anyone from the White House including “The Decider”. The latest travesty of truth comes when a White House spokes-lackey, OMB Director Jim Nussl who told reporter that the new budget which cuts money from Medicare and Medicaid (over $200 billion in the next 5 years) won’t be noticed by recipients. Say what?

He even had the cajones to follow that statement with the additional lie that, “We have the best health care in the world. And our seniors especially get great health care.” Amazing! I guess these guys figure if they say it enough times it will be true? According to the World Health Organization our health care system ranks 37th out of 191 countries.

A note to President Bush: Please explain to me how cutting money from healthcare can make it better? I want studies and figures, not “beliefs”.

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