Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Boehner Says GOP "Low On New Ideas" - Duh!

Oh here’s a news flash! John Boehner, Republican House Minority Leader said in an interview that the party was running "low on new ideas". I would guess so when the "new" strategy for Bush in Iraq is to raise troop levels to what they were a few years ago and wait for the Iraqi’s to step up to the plate.

Face it, the GOP hasn’t had a new idea since Regan and most of them have been brain dead. The concept of constantly cutting taxes on the richest Americans and cutting services to the poorest Americans and trying to fund a war on the cheap are just not very good. Every allegedly new idea they come up with begins with the phrase "cut taxes". Guess what? It hasn’t helped the economy or the average American and they don’t care. They are bought and paid for by the wealthy and their job is to continue delivering more money to the rich. Simple isn’t it? They aren’t low on ideas, they have no ideas.

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