Thursday, January 18, 2007

Alberto Gonzales Claims No Right To Habeas Corpus In US Constitution

And now Alberto Gonzales claims that there is no right to Habeas Corpus in the US Constitution. Where did he get his law degree, a box of Crackerjacks? It is written into the Constitution and if he does not know this or is denying this he should be thrown out of his office and have his law degree revoked!

I have to say when I saw this my jaw dropped, and I began shouting at the TV. This has to stop, and Impeachment is the correct and legal way to do it. If the Democrats won't do it, Americans must march on Washington and demand it!

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Douglas A. Willinger said...

Alberto Gonzales’s regime may already be subverting the 4th amendment in order to subvert the 1st amendment:

Free Speech Beneath US Homeland Security