Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bush Guts Federal Oversight - Another Executive Order

In a further move toward complete dictatorial powers, President Bush issued an Executive Order yesterday that gives him complete control over all regulatory offices. The directive states that a political appointee must head regulatory offices that have previously been headed by scientists and civil servants.

This move is obviously an attempt to further consolidate power and put a lock on the government by the Bush administration. It effectively expands the powers of the President and is unprecedented in US History.

This should be another warning of Bush’s intentions to become an absolute ruler without accountability or opposition. Imagine how the FCC will issue broadcast licenses with a political appointee at the head. Imagine how the FDA will change the approval process of new drugs with a political appointee as head. Imagine how the EPA will deregulate industry with a political appointee as head.

Bush is once again playing the role of Queen Evileen in the musical "The Wiz". "Don’t nobody bring me no bad news!"

Time to send him really bad news. Impeach him now before we no longer have the option.

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