Tuesday, July 04, 2006

CIA Scraps Hunt For Bin Laden

Happy 4th of July! Time to celebrate our freedom, and time to celebrate that the hunt for Bin Laden is over! The CIA has closed their unit that was searching for Osama Bib Laden. The unit, called Alec Station, was disbanded last year and the agents working in it reassigned. The unit was formed prior to 9/11.

Apparently all that bluster about getting Osama back after 9/11 was more spin. Today, the CIA feels that focusing on Osama and Al Qaeda is not necessary, since they are simply part of a bigger picture.

What this reflects to me is that the CIA either figures Osama is no longer the power he once was, or they have moved on to more pressing and politically motivated issues. The CIA is fast becoming a politicized and that is not a good thing for the safety of Americans.

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