Thursday, July 05, 2012

"Romney=Liar" Keep it Simple!

As a liberal, I am often tempted to try to persuade people with facts and figures.  I make the assumption that most liberals and progressives do that "knowledge=enlightenment=voting". 

This equation is flawed, fatally.  This is a fact that the right-wing found years ago and have abandoned facts for "gut-level" messaging that tugs at peoples hearts and instincts.  Truth may or may not be part of it, but all that matters is results.

How do you fight that kind of strategy without succumbing to the same "win at any cost" mentality?  You don't.  You modify the strategy and use it to your benefit.

We need to keep our messages as simple as possible.  Here is a great example.

Romney held a press conference to express his opinion about the Supreme Court decision upholding the Affordable Care Act, something the right-wing has successfully dubbed "Obamacare". 

(First rule, never use their framing or you have already lost the argument.  So, from here on out I will refer to the law by it's name, the ACA or Affordable Care Act.  Whenever you hear someone call it Obamacare, correct them.  Simple and direct. Can this make a difference?  Sure it can, but wait there's more.)

In that press conference he began by spouting 6 big lies.  You can read the details of them here in Lee Saunders column in the Huffington Post.

Now, once you have armed yourself with those facts, and there are many.  stash them away and just remember the main point of the whole thing, Romney lies.

Let me make that a simple equation:  Romney=Lies.

If you need to back it up with facts, you now have them, but don't start with the facts, start with the premis, Romney=Lies.  Once people hear that they will not listen to too much else anyway, and when you start going into details you will loose them completely.

Are people stupid?  No, they are not, but they are not used to digging into a detailed analysis of statements by politicians.  They don't have time or energy since most folks have real jobs and lives that require most of their attention and energy.  That is why sound-bites are so effective.  So, keep it simple.

Romney lies.  About the ACA, about his job-killing outsourcing, about pretty much everything in order to get elected.  Now what do you remember about this blog entry?

Romney lies.

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