Friday, June 29, 2012

Right Wing War on Sex

It's become common to hear politicians talk about the GOP "War on Women" and though it makes for a great sound bite, the truth is much deeper.

In our country there is actually a war of sex.  Since the 1920s women have asserted their rights to choose who they have sex with and when they have it.  It started with the "free love" movement and really came into blossom after oral contraceptives became readily and legally available in the 1960s. When the Supreme Cort ruled in Griswold v. Connecticut that citizens had a right to privacy and essentially removed any barrier to obtaining contraceptives.

Everyone knows about the 1960s, when the sexual revolution really began.  Not only were women exercising their new found freedom, but LGBT people stood up and proudly proclaimed they were going to take the fight for sexual freedom to the streets.

The problem is the whole idea that sex could be something more than an act for procreation angered and scared a lot of people, mostly men.  If women could control their own bodies, that meant men could not control women.  Moreover it meant that women could enjoy and explore their own sexuality with or without men.  Scary stuff for some people!

This battle against sex has deep roots and it is driven by the insecurity and immaturity of a lot of men and some women.  Until we begin realizing what the real motive is from the right wing, to "stop sex for any other reason than procreation", we will be tilting at windmills.

The fundamentalists, the right wing politicians and the like are threatened by your sexual freedom, and they want to gain control over it once again.  They see your sexual freedom as a vital link towards gaining more power and power is an amazing aphrodisiac for them.  Think about it.

If you want more information about your sexual freedoms and the continuing fight go to Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance and get much more information.

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