Sunday, April 01, 2012

Synn Wins! Ms Texas Leather Wins International Ms Leather

It was a long grueling weekend for all the contestants in the 26th annual Internatiomal Ms Leather competition in San Francisco this weekend. Each woman gave a speech, answered pop questions before an audience of almost 1000 and went through personal interviews with a distinguished judging panel before performing a live fantasy onstage.

A field of seven contestants were in the competition from points as far as Austrailia and as near as DFW but when the judging was done our own hometown leather dyke, Synn took top honors.

She nailed her speech, talking about the spectrum of leather and her goal to bring a message of queer leather to the community. I understand from someone who was at the interview with the judges that she performed flawlessly and was relaxed and poised. hen came the fantasy, and it was a hit. I have attended a lot of leather contests and never saw an audience spontaneously give a standing ovation to the fantasy. With the help of her co-performers Lillity Grey and Lexa Lusty, Synn brought the house down.

My congratulations to a fine IMsL and a wonderfully butch leathe dyke!

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