Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Private Security Forces - Terrorists Best PR Tool

Private security forces like Blackwater are the worst diplomatic nightmare our country has ever had. They operate outside the laws of our country and the countries where we have troops stationed and deliver a clear impression of Americans as cavalier and dangerous. In a recent video released by Harper's Magazine Blackwater forces are seen running over civilians in Iraq, crashing civilian cars and threatening the populace for no apparent reason. 

The video which was apparently posted by a Blackwater employee features a heavy metal soundtrack and was undoubte3dly considered "cool" by the people who posted it.  It is anything but cool. 

 If our enemies ever wanted a better PR tool to use against the US it's the actions of these paid thugs. We must stop outsourcing security to private companies who are international scofflaws.  Watch the rest of the videos here and you'll see these guys firing randomly into traffic and shooting out the windows of passing cars.

This makes me physically sick!

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