Monday, April 16, 2012

Saudi Arabia Cracks Down on Gays and "Tom Boys"

The unenlightened kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whom our country considers a strong ally had enlisted the aid of its "Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice" to make the lives of LGBT people there more miserable.

In the words of the new service Sharq Arabic, "“Instructions have been issued to all public schools and universities to ban the entry of gays and tom boys and to intensify their efforts to fight this phenomenon, which has been promoted by some websites."

This is  the kind of pronouncement that signals open season on gay bashing in Saudi Arabia.  Of course that is not a far stretch since it is something that occurs regularly there, but this kind of official condemnation sanctions that abuse. 

It's time we told our "oil pusher" that we are kicking the habit.  We need clean energy independence not just for the good of the planet and our country, but to cut off the cash flow we pour into this barbaric country, propping up their monarchy and abusing their people.

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