Thursday, April 19, 2012

President of Uganda Lies On CNN - Why Am I Not Surprised?

I usually reserve the term "lying sack of poop" for those special folks who can be so blatant in their lies that I have to wonder how they keep a straight face doing it.  Apparently in Uganda it is a way of life.  President Yoweri Museveni demonstrates just how big a sack of poop he is and does it on CNN.

Watch and be amazed!


Hardy Haberman said...

I usually don't comment on my own posts, but after watching this interview again, I have to say that this man is beyond any kind of liar I have seen. He keeps a straight face and denies that absolute truth that LGBT people are persecuted and killed in Uganda. He reminds me of a Nazi who denies any Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

L.Behm II said...

Lying sack of something alright. I guess it was the Westerners fault that the Ugandans working security in Iraq were a bit less discrete in their behavior?