Monday, April 09, 2012

Rick Warren Cherry Picks Bible Verses Again, Puleeze!

The pastor of Saddleback Church, Rick Warren has once again emphasized his opposition to same-sex marriage, and he uses the same old tired argument that "God said so"!  He is quoted in an interview on ABC This Week saying, "Well, if the Bible is the word of God, then I don’t have the right to change it."

So he is falling back on Biblical Literalism as his argument and that is a big problem for me and most thinking people of faith.  If the Bible is the literal "word of God", then God really is inconsistent and capricious. I could spend days noting inconsistencies in the Bible but lets just cut to the chase.  The Bible as it is known in the Saddleback Church is the King James Version.  That was translated at the behest of King James from a Greek version that was essentially agreed upon by committee after committee.  The actual books we now include in our Bible were agreed upon by a committee during the Council of Nicaea under Emperor Constantine.  If you believe the actual "word of God" managed to filter through all those translations and committees without being altered, I have some land in the Negev Desert you might be interested in.

Beyond his silly assertions of divine guidance in his opposition to same-sex marriage, Rick makes the astounding statement supporting a conservative church, "history shows that when the church accommodates culture, it weakens it."

Perhaps Mr Warren would like to tell that to Jesus who actively sought to include cultures other than Jews in him ministry.  Remember those Samaritans, Rick?

Warren just shows his personal biases and tries to find justification in Bible verses and it is getting really old.  It's time the media began treating him like any other slightly off-kilter sidewalk preacher and stop giving him the bully pulpit of television.

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