Thursday, February 02, 2012

Planned Parenthood Gets Surge of Donations

Great news! After the Susan G. Komen Foundation pulled funding from Planned Parenthood's mammogram program for political reasons, the organization had a surge of donations (mine included) and raised over $400,000 in one day.

The cancer awareness and prevention group bowed to political pressure to cut off their grant to Planned Parenthood and caused a firestorm of controversy. Facebook and other social media sites were flooded with anti-Komen comments and the whole thing seems to have backfired on the group. Normal donations to Planned Parenthood usually total about 100-200 a day, but yesterday there were over 6,000 donations.

Looks like someone else will be "racing for the cure" this year and it won't be me or my friends.  We can raise awareness of cancer just fine without the pink ribbons and hoopla.

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