Wednesday, February 01, 2012

GOP Wants Direct Funding From Corporations

Say what?  It seems that the whole Super-PAC thing isn't lucrative enough for the Republican Party, now they want to amend the campaign finance laws to allow corporations to just funnel as much money as they want into campaigns.  Not that they aren't already doing it to some extent, but the GOP wants to clear away the artifice of PACs and Super-PACs to just put the money on the table.

Granted it would be more honest, but at a time when corporations have grabbed more and more control of our daily lives, does anyone but a bought and paid-for politician think this is a good idea?  If anything we need to prohibit this kind of thing and put corporations back in the position of being a business not a "person".

As for GOP lawmakers, they are all spouting the talking points in unison, so it's a good bet that they got the memo from their corporate overlords to get this done!

Now before you go calling me a socialist, I have no problem with capitalism, I have a problem with businesses buying the Congress.  It's time we took our democracy back from big business.

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