Monday, January 16, 2012

Rick Perry - Zombie Candidate

He roams the earth, not really knowing he , or at lest his campaign, is dead.  He is dead candidate walking.  He is Rick Perry!

Talk about a guy who doesn't know when to quit.  Perry has polled in the low single digits in most states, he was almost invisible in Iowa and New Hampshire and now has been tossed off the Virginia ballot because he didn't challenge his disqualification soon enough.  He just doesn't get the message.  His campaign is over.

As I have long suspected, his staff knows how much money is left in his campaign coffers and is trying to run out the clock.  Spending as much as possible for as long as there is money to spend.  After all, what have they got to lose?

Meanwhile the deluded zombie candidate says South Carolina is not " his campaign's Alamo".  He intends to campaign with social conservatives to boost his votes.  Only problem is the evangelical base has already backed Rick Santorum (another Zombie). So now Perry will stagger off spouting his idiocy and making more flubs as he drains the last of his funds.

It is a sad state we live in when we have a zombie as our governor.

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