Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rick Perry Finally Does Something Right - Quits!

Rick Perry, the zombie candidate of the GOP has finally stumbled upon a good decision. He is announcing he will pull out of the primary race.  The decision comes after a dismal showing in both Iowa and New Hampshire and a series of gaffs that helped to sink his campaign, once thought tp be the leviathan that would save the GOP from Romney.

I mistakenly figured that Perry would stay in the race until at least Florida or such a time as his campaign funds ran out.  I suppose he finally came to his senses and realized he didn't have a chance in the race which seems to be moving more and more to Romney's favor.

Perry, still a deluded individual, will throw his support behind Gingrich.  Strange since Gingrich is far from a "family values" guy, but such is the machinations of GOP politics.  Perhaps he just doesn't want to face another debate where he would undoubtedly provide more fodder for the press with his inevitable gaffs?

More soon.


Anonymous said...

Almost mistakenly, as his campaign funds are almost depleted. I found it interesting, in that popcorn kernel between the teeth kind of way, that his campaign was asking for additional funds, even though he has "suspended" his run for President, because he was almost in debt. Miss Sefronia, quick run down to the Governor's Mansion and claim adverse possession. You couldn't stay, but the look on his face would be almost priceless.

D. Henry

Anonymous said...

And then there were 4 GOP'er Indians left!

richard h.
fort worth, texas, usa