Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Raising Cain - Now "Thinks Back" and Might Remember?

Herman Cain surprised everyone when he came out of nowhere to lead the polls in many states in the Republican race for nominee. After Michele Bachmann ran out of steam and crazy, it seemed Rick Perry would be a shoe-in, but Cain, a former head of Godfather's Pizza surprised pundits by winning crowds over with his straight talk and geniality.

Now that straight talk seems like a fond memory for the true believers in the GOP.  Cain is embroiled in a sexual harassment  mess that threatens to derail his juggernaut.  Charges surfaced a few weeks ago that while he was head of the National Restaurant Association he sexually harassed two women.  The charges were later dropped in exchange for a cash settlement and a vow of silence so the story goes.  Cain denied this up and down until this week.

Now that NBC has trotted out confirmation that cash settlements were paid to at least one woman, Cain is starting to remember what happened, at least his version.

If this all sounds a bit like the Clarance Thomas affair think again.  The only similarities are Cains race and the charges, but these are much more damming than a "pubic hair on a Coke can".

For more on Cains sudden memory flash, CBS news has more.

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Phyllis said...

Gotta be true, Hardy.

No woman, gay or straight or bi, would accuse a guy of sexual harassment just for fun or for money.

Such accusations always come full circle, with humiliation heaped on the victim.

Remember Anita Hill!