Thursday, November 03, 2011

Perry Campaign Claims It Did Not Leak Cain Harassment Info

I heard a story on NPR this morning stating that Rick Perry's campaign denied leaking the Herman Cain sexual harassment charges, but I think they "protesteth too much". Perry has everything to gain and nothing to lose from bringing this matter to light. Perry's campaign is stumbling badly, especially after that Cornerstone speech in New Hampshire in which he appears drunk or high or both.

When you have a failing campaign you pull out all the guns, and that might include dragging out any dirt you have on a competitor who has made an unexpected surge in the polls.  The final explanation of both his weird behavior in New Hampshire and the Herman Cain scandal have yet to be told but I expect the real story wil be even stranger than we could imagine.

For those who have not seen Rick Perry going off the rails, Rachael Maddow has a good analysis of the whole debacle.

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