Monday, November 14, 2011

A-List "Reality" Star Assaulted - (Update)

According to a British tabloid, Taylor Garret was attacked recently by what he describes as being a victim of "Democratic ideals". 

According to the Daily Mail:
Taylor Garrett, 27, a Republican consultant who appears on the Logo network's 'A-List Dallas,' said Saturday that he was at a party with some friends when he was accosted by an unknown male.

He claimed the person had scrawled 'F*ck Coulter' on his car, and when he asked what he was doing, the person attacked him.

Garrett said he was hit in the left eye and suffered scrapes on his body before the attacker ran away.
 So far only a blog, The Daily Caller has been shown pictures of the alleged attack and they haven't released them yet.

So here's my take.  Violence against anyone is unacceptable. If we attacked everyone who disagreed with us we would spend all our time fighting like the Hatfields and McCoys.  Frankly I am a bit skeptical about the first alleged attack on Taylor and remain equally skeptical about this.

Reality TV is rarely real, and the story lines are constantly manipulated by producers and stars alike.  It is entirely conceivable that the whole thing is a set up, it is also conceivable that it is real.  When you put yourself out there with what is seen by a lot of folks as paling around with people who oppress the LGBT community, it's not surprising to face some criticism but violence is way beyond criticism.

Do I think Garret is working against LGBT rights.  Not really, he is working to further himself and though it might be pretty un-altruistic, it's not a crime.  I just hope he one day realizes that money and privileged will not by equality.  And his comment that Liberals are hateful is about as far from the truth as I can imagine.  Maybe he can find the compassion he seeks from people like Ann Coulter.  She certainly seems to be a warm and loving person.  (let the flaming begin!)

UPDATE:  The Dallas Voice has the police report on the assault, so apparently it really happened.  The person who assaulted Garret is still in question.

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