Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Clean Coal - Maybe Not So Much

With all the PR about the benefits of what the industry calls "clean coal" they are now stuck in a paradox. The EPA has a new set of mandates for cleaner power generation, something "Clean Coal" technology allegedly is all about. But now the coal industry is fighting against the new EPA regulations.  They have started a massive TV and Print campaign to terrify people.

Here's their argument in a nutshell:
Regulations = higher energy cost
Higher energy costs = lost jobs
Regulations = apocalypse
Where do they get these claims of higher energy costs?  From a report generate by their own association, National Economic Research Associates for the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.  

Do you see the paradox?  The American Association for Clean Coal Energy is arguing against regulations making coal burning power plants CLEANER!   

So it seems the whole thing is really a smokescreen designed to keep the old dirty coal power plants in operation as long as possible to squeeze every penny of profit from them no matter what the cost is to the planet or inhabitants.  Sorry about the "smokescreen" pun.

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