Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rick Perry Lies Again - Took Much More Than $5000 from Merck

Perry's pants are on fire again. This time from his response to Michele Bachmann in the Tea Party Debate.  He claimed to have only gotten $5000 from pharma company Merck. The same company who manufactured the HPV vaccine he mandated for all Texas pre-teenage girls.  Though the intent may have been honorable, his claim that he only took $5000 from Merck is not.  It is a lie.

Perry received at least $23,500 from Merck and the company also gave $500,000 to the Republican Governors Association, a group Rick Perry headed two times and has been the recipient of cash from that group.

Perry shares a pillow in bed with Merck and that fact may be his undoing in the primary.  Of course it wouldn't be the first time Republicans ignored less than ethical ties with businesses, but at least it has put a bump in the road to the election for the big-haired boy from Texas.

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