Friday, June 10, 2011

CNN Confronts George Rekers with Kirk Murphy Suicide

George Rekers, a discredited psychologist who was once the darling of the "ex-Gay" movement, has now been exposed as a major player in the "Sissy Boy" experiments.  His use of young children as lab rats in his experiments have caused not only deadly problems for people like Kurt Murphy but is still being cited by anti-gay groups.

Rekers, as most will remember, was co-founder of the Family Research Counci, one of the most visible groups touting "cures" for homosexuality.  Rekers was spotted last year in the company of a paid male escort, who he met through a "rent-boy" website and who accompanied him to Europe.  According to the escort he frequently gave Rekers sexual massages on the vacation. Not the kind of behavior you expect from an anti-gay proponent.

CNN has been doing a series on the "Sissy Boy" program and confronted Rekers about the suicide.  He was relatively unconcerned.

I believe Rekers and medical professionals like him will go down in history as modern day Dr. Mengeles (the Nazi doctor who performed inhuman experiments on concentration camp prisoners).  His inability to understand his crimes stems from his still repressed sexuality and his shockingly effective cognitive dissonance. This is one of the most important pieces of investigative reporting CNN has done about the ex-gay quackery.

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