Friday, June 10, 2011

Ann Coulter is Still a Jerk - Making Cheap Gay Jokes on Hanity

And this is the person GOProud, (the allegedly LGBT Republican Group) invited to their soiree. Coulter is a vile, disgusting loudmouth who will say anything if it gets her ink in the press. She has the moral center of a marshmallow and I sincerely believe she cares for no one but herself. Aside from that I guess she is just plain despicable. Can you tell I don't like her?

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Liz said...

She is the worst of the worst. Remember how she got on the air back in March and told people that radiation is good for you.

I would tell her to talk to the Fukushima nuclear bunny, but it doesn't have ears so it probably couldn't hear her obnoxious screeching