Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rick Perry Signs Manditory Sonogram Bill - Police State Tampering With Womens Health

This from Think Progress, I am too disgusted with our state to comment:
Effective Sept. 1, doctors in Texas must perform sonograms before abortions, must describe the presence of internal organs or limbs and must make the fetal heartbeat audible. [...]
“Every life lost to abortion is a tragedy we all must work together to prevent, and I commend Rep. Miller and Sen. Patrick for their hard work on this significant legislation,” Governor Perry said.
Meanwhile, the Texas House recently voted to slash $61 million from the state’s family-planning budget, which estimates say will result in an additional 28,000 unwanted pregnancies and 13,000 births in the state every year. Two hundred teenage girls in Texas become pregnant every day.

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Kissiah said...

This misogynist act is shameful. I do not think history will look fondly on these laws.