Thursday, April 14, 2011

State Rep. Leo Bermann Wants to Pass Laws Based on What He Heard on the Radio!

I really think it's time for Texas state Rep. Leo Berman (R) to retire.  He actually tried to get an anti-sharia law passed because he heard something about Sharia on the radio.  Either he is a gullible idiot or he is just plain daft.

Berman alluded to his belief that judges in Dearborn Michigan "are using and allowing to be used Sharia law.”

The clueless Berman went on to say, "I heard it on a radio station here on my way in to the Capitol one day... I don’t know Dearborn, Michigan but I heard it (Sharia is accepted law here) on the radio. Isn’t that true?“

Well Rep. Berman, it's not true.  The mayor of Dearborn debunks this clap-trap regularly.

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