Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Glowing Pork Found In China

Now there is a dish that I have never seen on any menu, glowing pork.  Apparently a woman in Shanghai left some pork chops out overnight and notice a blue glow coming from them in the darkened kitchen.  First, I have to wonder why you would leave pork out overnight, but aside from that the news story, which was obviously translated by a machine, gives the details.

My bet is it's bacterial contamination.  Just to give you an idea of how cavalier Chinese authorities are in these cases, they have already stated that the glowing pork is safe to eat.  What? 
To quote the story in Chinenglish:
This reporter, by method of several checks from the dim and light, in actuality do see the pork emit a faint blue light, that apart by method of the pig’s skin, the whole product of pork was suffused with blue light, as well as a faint blue glow could be also observed on fingers that experienced handled the pork. This reporter afterward intentionally washed this product of pork with consuming water and once more checked in a really dim place, however the pork nevertheless emitted a blue glow, only just slightly extra faint.

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