Friday, April 01, 2011

Illinois Sheriff Learns A Lesson?

When Schuyler County Sheriff Don Scheiferdecker posted a comment on a subordinates Facebook page he felt it was just a joke.  Perhaps he learned something from that "joke". 

The sheriff noted next to a picture of a young boy on a coworkers page, "Look, I found a fag...Yup and his mouth is open, his glasses are off, he's ready, little fag Jew boy."

The lesson I learned from this is that the sheriff feels it is just fine to make sexual orientation and religion an object of scorn and derision, "just in fun".   He has since apologized but that apology rings hollow and here's why.  The fact that he believed it was OK to call someone a "fag Jew boy" and more importantly someone who he really didn't know, since it was a picture of someone other than his subordinate, shows his contempt for whole classes of people.  Worse yet it shows that he believes society also has universal contemt for those classes and therefore would see the "joke".

It isn't funny, sheriff.  According to a story in AOL:
Scheiferdecker has been the sheriff of Schuyler County for over 30 years.
He told AOL News he was "extremely sorry" for the comment. "I have spent over 30 years of my life here giving public service, and I have never intentionally done anything to hurt anyone for any reason. ... All I can do is say I am sorry. ... I am extremely sorry [and] I beg people's forgiveness."
I suspect it will take a whole lot of begging, and more importantly some kind of reeducation, maybe even choosing a new career path.

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