Friday, April 01, 2011

Hate Pastor Terry Jones - Blood On His Hands!

The backwoods Reverend, Terry Jones who caused a firestorm with his planned "Burn a Koran" day finally followed through, and the result was bloodshed.  The offices of the UN in Afghanistan were attached by angry citizens, embittered by Terry Jones publicity stunt.  Now 11 staffers are dead and all because Jones refused to let his insipid publicity stunt go.

Jones held a "trial" of the Koran in his church and pronounced it guilty, then proceeded to burn the book.

OK, this sounds like a really bad joke, but it is not.  Jones is unrepentant and blames the rest of the world, meanwhile there are 11 people to ship home in coffins that need not have died.  Jones has little idea of the passions his act inflamed and his self-serving stunt is about as far from a Christian act as I can imagine.

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