Thursday, March 10, 2011

Draconian Nebraska Abortion Law Forces Woman To Watch her Baby Die.

Say what? Yup that's just what happened to Danielle Deaver whose baby ran into complication at 23 weeks of her pregnancy. Her water broke early and, without amniotic fluid, the fetus would not develop lungs to survive outside the womb. She and her husban decided to ask the doctor to terminate the pregnancy to avoid the fetus and the mother suffering any more trauma.

Not in Nebraska. It is now a law that terminating a pregnancy after 20 weeks is a crime. The doctor could do nothing but tell her to wait. She did and when the baby was born it gasped for breath and died with under developed lungs.

Pretty frigging cruel if you ask me, but I guess if you are a holier than thou abortion foe you don't give a damn about suffering, just your self-righteousness.

Thanks "right to Life" idiots.

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